Keep Calm and Seed On Promotion

To our valued customers and friends in the green industry, we are certainly in challenging times as we do our best to deal with this born in China Corona virus pandemic.  We are open for business and taking all necessary precautions to help stop its spread for the safety of our employees, customers, all supply chain partners and the general public.

With continued social, political and economic uncertainty ahead we all need to do our part as Americans to pull together, find the best in each other and work to emerge from this crisis even stronger than before.  We approach this time with sober seriousness but that doesn’t mean we have to abandon humor completely.  With a tip of the cap to the Brit’s who during WWII produced the now culturally popular poster “KEEP CALM and CARRY ON” to increase moral, instill a sense of fortitude and brace the country for the adversity to come; we proudly announce our KEEP CALM and SEED ON t-shirt.

Sure to become a collector’s item (kidding) this shirt also has an American flag on the back of the neck and is free with any order placed during this crisis.Please connect (keeping your social distance of course) with your contact at RTP and we’ll make sure we secure your order and a shirt in your size!

To the fight!  Stay healthy,
Michael T. Ramy

Keep calm and seed on t-shirt