About Ramy Turf

… it starts with the seed!

Since 1932 the Ramy Family has provided the upper mid-west with some of the highest quality seed materials available and we always will.  That is over 85 years of taking care of our customer – we are very proud of that, we think it says a lot about who we are.  We are your partner, not just a supplier because we know that is your success that will allow our success.

Our slogan is and always will be, “…it starts with the seed!”  It is the foundation of the company – from lawn and turf seed, forage and wildlife mixtures, native grasses and wildflowers, it goes on an on.  We provide mixtures for every state agency and federal program from MnDOT & BWSR to CRP and beyond.  It doesn’t stop there – Profile Products for hydro-mulch, Ero-Guard for erosion blankets, WinFAB for geo-textiles – all heavy hitters in our market and all close partners to Ramy Turf Products.

We know the BMP’s, the regulations & specifications and we’ll get in the trenches with you – always with your best interest at heart as we work to provide the best solution for your project.  Give us a call today!