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Regional Sales & Distribution Center
731 N Prior Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55104
PH: 651.917.0939 – FX: 651.917.0111
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St. Paul Office

Warden of the Asylum

Michael T. Ramy, Jr.
aka, Ramy, Mick, Jr, etc.
P: 651-917-0939
F: 651-917-0111

Purchasing & Support / East Coast Pizza Snob

Michael Miller
aka, “the other Mike”
P: 651-917-0939

Customer Service Specialist with rapier wit

Yes, he is back baby! Terry Harrington aka, T-Bird
P: 651-917-0939
F: 651-910-0111

Account Manager/Field Representatives

Careful, former car salesman. Kidding, he’s great!
Ryan Danielson
P: 612-998-6739 – he’d much rather have a 715 number!
F: 651-917-0111
Eastern MN & Western WI and beyond

He’s like the Tasmanian Devil around here, mostly a good thing!

Pat “Big Pat” Regan
P: 612-414-0820
F: 651-917-0111
Western MN and beyond

Warehouse Manager/ NDSU grad, son of “other Mike”

David Miller
P: 651-917-0939
F: 651-917-0111

Bean Counter (AP/AR Guy and proud Notre Dame’r)

Michael Chalmers
P: 507-387-4091
F: 507-387-7033

In Memoriam

Jimmy Trenter, our dear friend R.I.P.

Corporate Office & Warehouse
1329 N Riverfront Drive
Mankato, MN 56001
PH: 507.387.4091 – FX: 507.387.7033
Driving Directions

Mankato Office

Inside Sales and Support /
Bourbon Aficionado

Bryce Beckman
P: 507-387-4091
F: 507-387-7033

Customer Service / Production Manager / New Dad

Ethan Erickson
P: 507-387-4091
F: 507-387-7033

Account Manager / Field Representative

Barnwood Reclaimer / SciFi Movie Fan
Joel Chambers

P: 507-382-2225
F: 507-387-7033
Southern MN and Beyond

Logistics Specialists /Do’er of what he wants

Tim Wessel
P: 507-387-4091
F: 507-387-7033

Professional Turf Specialist / At Large / Catfish King

Sam Bauer

P: 612-205-4428

CEO / Chief of Everything Officer

He is really retired just paying respects…
Michael T. Ramy