Training Videos

At Ramy Turf Products we want to help you succeed. Proper turfgrass selection, establishment, and maintenance are all pieces of the puzzle and cutting corners in any aspect will likely result in unsatisfactory results. We are here to help guide you. Below you will find a series of videos in which Sam Bauer, Professional Turf Specialist with Ramy, provides insight into turfgrass establishment and maintenance. Many of these videos were created when Sam was an Extension Educator at the University of Minnesota. We would like to thank the University of Minnesota’s Turfgrass Science program and the Minnesota Turf and Grounds Foundation for sponsoring this content. All credit goes to the U of M and MTGF. Enjoy these training videos and feel free to reach out to Sam Bauer with any turf questions (sam@ramyturf.com, 612-205-4428).

Turf Conversion Video Series

Below are a series of 7 videos that guide you through the turf conversion process. This process would be appropriate for anyone looking to establish a new stand of turf. In the videos, Sam guides you through the turf conversion process from 1) assessing your site, 2) selecting the most appropriate grass seed, 3) controlling the existing vegetation, 4) preparing the seedbed, 5) seeding, 6) fertilizing, and 7) preventing erosion.

Video #1: Site Assessment
Video #2: Seed Selection
Video #3: Vegetation Control

Video #4: Seedbed Preparation
Video #5: Seeding
Video #6: Fertilizing
Video #7: Erosion Control

Web Soil Survey

The Web Soil Survey is a powerful tool that you can use to identify parent soil types on land throughout the United States. We truly think you will be impressed with the amount of information that is available in this database. Thanks to SDSU Extension for providing this video tutorial to the Web Soil Survey