RTP Additives

After years of working with hydro-seeders, listening to issues that seemed to repeat themselves from customer to customer and job site to job site, we knew we could help. Having worked with many of the competitive products available in the market and there are many good ones, we found it was typically the cost that prevented people from using them.

Enter the RTP Hydro-Additive System: a full line of cost effective tackifiers, fertilizers, bio-stimulants and more. You know longer have to roll the dice on your projects success; our products are tested, effective and affordable! Call for more information and ask about a trial tank program today.

RTP Additives Products

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Generate XR (15-44-9)

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Hyper-Tak (pam)

Test Plot - Day 5

PUSH 4-0-1

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Retain (Hydro-Crystals)

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RX-3 Guar-Tack