PUSH 4-0-1

Test Plot - Day 5

Push is derived from organic sources and contains sea plant extracts, humates, amino acids, plant hormones, wetting agents and many other key nutrients and minerals.

What are customers us it for:

Highway, and BLVD tree plantings, Sod installation and maintenance as well as new Hydroseeding applications for all sites and seed types.

Quickly, what it does in the applications I am referring to – it acts like a biological hack in a way tricking what you just planted to thinking it is a lot happier being there than it would generally be.

More specifically it:

  • Jumpstarts germination and early establishment
  • Reduces impact of abiotic stress from microclimate issues, environmental extremes, chemical damage, mechanical injury from mowing or compaction and lastly from nutrient deficiency
  • Promotes root growth regardless of the plant type
  • Allows the plant to utilize all available nutrients and moisture more effectively and efficiently thus reducing water and fertility applications
  • It actually increases the biotic activity in the soil and improves soil texture (short term by wetting agents or over time by increasing all the microbial activity)

All of that helps alleviate stress in the plant, increases the density ofseeded areas, the health and color of sodded areas and the survival rate of all transplanted trees.

Push Brochure (PDF)

What you see in the photo gallery:

4 containers filled with a garden center, bagged topsoil.  Each plot was seeded on Friday before the Labor Day weekend 2018 with the exact same amount of our PRO-SEEDER Commercial Sun & Shade and then treated as described from left to right:

Plot 1:  Was covered with a seed germination pellet containing a high amount of organic material and other bio-stimulants and water management components.  The plot was watered with a standard volume of water.

Plot 2:  THE PUSH PLOT; the standard volume of water was dosed with the recommended amount of PUSH for new seeding and then the previously seeded plot was watered with the PUSH mixture.

Plot 3:  Was treated with a recommended rate of a popular, full organically derived fertilizer with and 18-1-8 NPK analysis as well as other micro-nutrients.  The plot was watered with a standard volume of water.

Plot 4: THE CONTROL; was seeded as were the others and watered with a standard volume of water.

We were shocked when we came back 5 days later to see that Plot 1 had actually germinated more quickly.  However, the impact PUSH had over just about 4 weeks is in the picture – taller, denser and darker than all other plots!