PRO-SEEDER Commercial Sun & Shade


20% Kentucky Bluegreass
20% Cache Kentucky Bluegrass
20% Creeping Red Fescue
15% Homerun Perennial Ryegrass
15% Stellar Perennial Ryegrass
10% Cadet Kentucky Bluegrass

Pro-Seeder is comprised of components selected for their ability to adapt to different maintenance programs. If managed with a higher level of inputs, Pro-Seeder will respond with a dark green color, a fine leaf texture and the density associated with a mixture costing significantly more! If a lower management protocol is utilized, Pro-Seeder will maintain turf quality longer than before going dormant. Pro-Seeder is designed for areas of full sun exposure but it will transition to light shade allowing it to be a very versatile mixture.

  • Quick establishment of ryegrass & fescue in 5 days +/-.
  • Adaptable to high / low maintenance makes it an ideal institutional / commercial use mixture.
  • Fine leaf texture.
  • Aggressive rhizomes promote recovery and enhance wear tolerance.
  • Fast spring green up.


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