Ramy Bee Lawn


Pollinators have created all the “buzz” lately, and for good reason.  They are responsible for pollinating much of our food supply including apples, tomatoes, strawberries, and coffee (to name a few).  Honey bees, particularly, are responsible for much of this, and in the past decade the decline in honey bee populations across the country has raised concern.  For more information on this topic we suggest to watch this TED Talk from world-renowned bee researcher at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Marla Spivak (https://youtu.be/dY7iATJVCsoa).

You can do your part to help address the decline in bee populations by planting and maintaining a pollinator friendly mixture in your landscape.  The Ramy Bee Lawn mixture is a cost-effective and practical option for new lawn establishments and overseeding of existing lawns.  The combination of low maintenance, drought and shade tolerant fine fescues, along with Dutch white clover, make this the perfect mixture for pollinator nutrition.  In our discussions with bee researchers, white clover is absolutely the preferred flower for bees.  Additionally, white clover fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere, persisting long-term in a lawn setting to provide nutrition for bees annually.  The University of Minnesota has identified other species of flowering plants that will survive in a mowed setting and provide benefit to pollinators, such as creeping thyme and self-heal, however these species are costly, often have poor establishment, and do not persist in lawn settings.  Bee lawn mixtures containing these unique species are often sold for 10x the price of the Ramy mixture, with very little added benefit of the flowering species other than white clover.


40% creeping red fescue

20% Chewings fescue

15% hard fescue

15% sheep fescue

10% Dutch white clover

Designed with cost effectiveness and practical pollinator benefit in mind, this bee lawn mixture will germinate in as little as 4 days with proper watering.  For recommendations on planting and establishment, contact your local Ramy Turf representative.

Suggested seeding rate: 5-6 lb/1000ft.sq.