TUFF TURF Athletic Field & Heavy Traffic

tuff turf arboretum

Tuff Turf is gaining favor with the professional and homeowner alike for its very specific characteristics.  Generally considered a mixture for the “transitional zone”, using the newest cultivars of T.T. Tall Fescue with increased winter hardiness we can now incorporate this mixture into design plans and reap the benefits!  Great color that rivals elite bluegrass, fine leaf texture, tremendous turf density as well as the species legendary ability to survive heat and drought long after other mixtures have gone dormant and turned brown.

30% Spyder II LS Turf Type Tall Fescue
30% Firecraker LS Turf Type Tall Fescue
25% Titanium LS Turf Type Tall Fescue
15% Cadet Kentucky Bluegrass

Designed with assistance from the U of M Turf Program, Tuff Turf is formulated using the new generation of  lateral spread turf type tall fescues along with a drought resistant bluegrass.  Spreading by rhizomes, Tuff Turf eliminates the clumpy texture that plagued tall fesuces in the past while allowing for tremendous wear resistance and drought tolerance.  Our Tuff Turf has the leaf texture, color and playability of a traditional bluegrass playing surface without the high demand for water and fertility which transfers to savings for your facility or organization.

Still unsure?  Call us for some people that will tell you of their experience with Tuff Turf.


Tuff Turf Spec Sheet (PDF)

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